Introducing Wild West Music Fest to Maricopa

Nestled in the heart of Maricopa, Arizona, Wild West Music Fest, proudly presented by the City of Maricopa, is set to be a celebration like no other. This first-time festival brings together national and local musical talent, delivering unforgettable performances, exhilarating activities, mouthwatering food options, and interactive attractions for all to enjoy.

Wild West Music Fest is more than just a festival—it’s a tribute to Maricopa’s rich history and the legacy of its Stagecoach Days, dating back to the 1950s. This festival embodies the very essence of the city’s culture, celebrating its western roots with pride and excitement.

We’re offering local businesses a significant opportunity to support their community by partnering with us. This collaboration allows them to actively contribute to the success of the Wild West Music Fest while strengthening their connections within the city.

It’s more than just a transaction; it’s an investment in our community’s well-being.

This event marks a legacy moment for our city as we host it for the first time, setting the stage for years of cultural enrichment and community growth.

In the 20-years since its incorporation, Maricopa has watched as surrounding cities and others all around the valley have enjoyed the economic benefits and notoriety of large-scale events. Now, our chance to get in on the party has arrived!

The Wild West Music Fest aims to become a new catalyst for economic growth. Beyond the vibrant melodies and spirited performances, the festival is geared to draw in a diverse audience, attracting both residents and visitors from neighboring areas. The influx of attendees translates into heightened economic activity for local businesses, ranging from hospitality and restaurants to retail and services. As festival-goers explore the city, they contribute to increased foot traffic, stimulate sales, and create job opportunities.. The Wild West Music Fest, therefore, creates a platform for musical celebration, economic vitality, and bolstering a sense of community pride.

2023 Beneficiary

Wild West Music Fest in Maricopa, Arizona, not only brings great music and history together but also remains committed to giving back to the community.

Wild West Music Festival (WWMF) is honored to announce Magical Builders, a non-profit that is wholeheartedly focused on enhancing the quality of life for children and their communities, will be the beneficiary of this year’s inaugural event.

Magical Builders is a non-profit organization formed with the mission of unifying people to advance the well-being of children, families, and their communities.

For almost two decades, Magical Builders has made a lasting impact in communities throughout the country by facilitating the renovation of charitable facilities, including youth and teen centers, athletic fields, domestic abuse shelters, active military and veteran centers, daycare facilities, homeless and poverty centers, disability centers, affordable housing, hospital family living centers, academic facilities, and other projects. Since 2005, Magical Builders has facilitated over 175 projects and events since their founding to help strengthen communities like their first renovation here in Arizona of the Living Center at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.